Auxiliary Arm Assembly
Auxiliary Arm Assembly

Code: H4862-8
Brand: Chance
Product Details
Auxiliary arm assembly, 4 x wireholders, 63x1500mm mast, 63x2440mm crossarm, Chance

Rubber Glove Auxiliary Arm

  • This Epoxiglas Auxiliary Arm Assembly is used to change crossarms, insulators, or poles on short spans up to and including 15 kV phase-to-phase
  • Two M47405W wire tong saddles can be used to mount the mast to the pole (The saddles are not included and must be ordered separately)
  • Two mast pole lengths are available: 5' mast provides a lift of 30" above the top saddle and the 10' mast provides a lift to 46", when the saddles are mounted a recommended 18" apart
  • The arm has a balanced load rating of 272kg; unbalanced at 68kg
  • Each wireholder is rated at 68kg
  • Tested per OSHA & ASTM F711
Part # Description Wire Holders Capacity Mast Pole Size Crossarm Pole Size Weight
H4862-8 Auxiliary Arm Assembly 4 63mm Max 63mm x 1.2mm 63mm x 1.6m 18.9kg
H4862-51 Mast & Braces 0 - 63mm x 3m - 16.65kg

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