Duct Proving Mandrel 80mm Conduit
Duct Proving Mandrel 80mm Conduit

Code: DPM-080
Product Details
Mandrel, duct proving, suit 80mm conduit

  • Designed to clear conduit obstructions
  • Usually made 10% smaller than conduit size 
  • Used with head and tail rope
Part # Conduit Type Conduit Size Weight
DPM-040 Electrical 50mm 0.12kg
DPM-045 Communications 50mm 0.16kg
DPM-050 Electrical 63mm 0.18kg
DPM-075 Electrical/Communications 80mm 0.60kg
DPM-095 Electrical/Communications 100mm 1.2kg
DPM-120 Electrical/Communications 125mm 2.4kg
DPM-140 Electrical 150mm 4.8kg
DPM-168 Communications 180mm 9kg
DPM-184 Communications 200mm 15kg

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