Wire Holding Stick 1800mm, 6', Pivot & 3 Position Locking Head
Wire Holding Stick 1800mm, 6', Pivot & 3 Position Locking Head

Code: C403-3068
Brand: Chance
Product Details
Stick Wire Holding Pivot Head 1800mm (6ft)

Chance Wire Holding Stick

  • Three position locking head
  • Foam filled shaft and solid fibreglass operating rod tested per ASTM F711 & OSHA

Hastings Fibreglass Insulated Roller Link Sticks

  • The roller link sticks are used to spread and hold conductors apart for mid span clearances by attaching tag lines to to the butt swivel ring
  • Inside head dimensions are 55mm x 55mm allowing the link stick to roll easily over line splices
  • Head, ferrules and roller are aluminium alloy
  • Eye swivel material is bronze alloy
Pole OD Length OAL Conductor Capacity Weight
32mm 1955mm 4.0-38.0mm 2.7kg

The Chance Epoxiglas® Wire-Holding Stick is used on or around energized lines for forming, bending and positioning jumper wires; and for holding conductors during splicing operations. The gripper, equipped with an eye so that other sticks can assist with heavy bending, will handle No. 6 solid copper through 1590 kcmil ACSR.

Operation of the Wire-Holding Stick has been simplified so that it grips much like locking-type pliers. By tightening the knurled nut at the control lever, the wireholding jaws can be positioned to firmly grip the conductor. When this is done, the tightening control lever must be relaxed in a position about 1 inch away from the pole. Then, to secure the grip on the conductor, push lever down to pole; and to release the conductor simply move the control lever all the way up along the rod.

The head of the tool locks in three stop positions so that the lineman can engage and position conductors easily from most angles. The knurled screw handle below the jaw opening is used to adjust the head position from straight to right or left.

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