Siemens Portable Switch

Siemens - Portable Switch for Temporary Isolation Applications

Whilst traditional in-line tension disconnects provide line crews with a way to temporarily isolate a line at nondesignated switching locations, the lack of a ganged switching capability creates operational inefficiencies due to:

  • Restrictions in load breaking capability.
  • Restrictions in load pickup.
  • The risk of ferro-resonance due to single phase switching operations.
  • The additional time to isolate upstream devices prior to operating the in-line disconnect.

Therefore, it is common that a switching sheet may require an additional 20 or more items to remove load or to provide precautionary isolation prior to breaking bridges or opening the in-line disconnect.

Siemens has addressed all these problems by adapting the switching unit of the proven Fusesaver circuit breaker into a pre-configured 3-phase synchronous portable switch kit. The switch units are suitable for in-line tension mounting for simple installation and visible isolation.

Siemens PSU Video

Siemens PSU Data Sheet

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