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CPI Wedge Connector Clamps

CPI Wedge clamps require no special tooling to install or remove, can be reused (with the installation of a new shear bolt), and accommodate a range of conductor sizes. These high-performance, low-resistance connectors prevent the loss of energy during current transfer more

Don't Sacrifice Your Safety for a Cheap Price: Buy Brand Name Arc Flash PPE Kits in Australia

If you are dealing with a high-voltage electrical system, you always need to be aware of the risks of an arc flash. An arc flash can produce explosions, fire, high heat and intense radiation—all of which can pose a major risk to people and property alike more

What Is a 40 Cal Arc Flash Suit (And Other Questions about Arc Flash Suits, Hoods and Clothing)

If you need to purchase arc flash clothing for yourself or your work team, one of the questions you will have to answer is what level of protection you need. Different arc flash suits, gloves, hoods or other clothing provide varied levels of safety more

High-Powered Hydraulic and Battery Powered Crimping Tools You Need for Your Next Job

Making electrical connections with cable lugs or inline splices are an everyday occurrence for linesmen and industrial electricians alike. Crimping a connector compresses its size to be a predetermined across flats dimension over the more

TEN Group: Australia's Distributor for Battery Cutters, Crimpers and Other Klauke Tools

Klauke, a German company with a global presence, is one of the most trusted brands for electrical connection technology in the world. Founded in 1879 but acquired by Greenlee Textron (an American industrial tool brand) in 1996, Klauke has become more

Repair Transformer Oil Leaks as Quickly as Possible, with Transformer Putty and a dielectric seal from TEN Group

Managing ageing transformer assets that are starting to leak transformer oil? Looking for cost effective solutions to extend the life of the assets? With an industry moving to extend asset life through preventative maintenance, American Polywater’s more

Keep Your Employees Safe, with Low Voltage Rescue Kits for LV Switchboard Operations

If your company employs workers to oversee LV switchboards in electrical supply or industrial substations, then having at least one low voltage rescue kit on hand is a mandated requirement. Ideally, these switchboards will be completely stable and more

Maximise the Efficiency of Your Cable Installations with Polywater J Cable Pulling Lubricant

In an ideal situation, you would be able to maximise the load on every cable pulling job. Unfortunately, there are risks involved with overloading the cable. A cable stressed beyond its normal tension levels leads to a higher risk of failure, more

Procure All the Right Cable Pulling Equipment and Rollers Through TEN Group

Logistics is a challenge that faces any operation, no matter what its size. From transporting staff and materials to the job site to procuring the right equipment for those workers in the first place, there are many layers to logistics. Procurement more

The On-the-Job Benefits of a Lug-All Web Strap, Ratchet, or Wire Rope Pulling Hoist

Power distribution lines are all around us, but we seldom stop to take notice of how many parts of our lives they touch. From powering our homes and businesses to directing us through traffic and lighting the way at night, our distribution network more

Using a Telescopic Shotgun Stick & The Importance of Electrical Safety on Hot Lines

With how critical electricity infrastructure is to the global economy, it would be ideal if it all functioned flawlessly 100% of the time. As we all know, though, that's simply not possible. Maintenance is a necessity from time to time, whether due more

Protect Your Line Workers with Insulated Rubber LV and HV Electrical Safety Gloves by Salisbury

Working with high voltage (HV) electrical lines is a task that requires a serious focus on both safety and adequate procedures. Luckily, safety is merely a matter of physics — the right materials used in the proper way will afford linemen more

Make Cable Management Easier, with Cable Tray Rollers, Cable Socks and More

If you’re working on a job that requires you to manage a lot of cable runs, then the chances are you’re probably utilising cable trays to make your job easier. Not only does it simplify the process of installing cables, but it also keeps significant more

Follow Proper Health and Safety Guidelines by using a Salisbury Arc Flash Kit

When working around high voltage electrical infrastructure, you can never be too careful. It goes without saying that any work that involves electricity can be inherently dangerous, your best investment is in a globally recognised brand of more

Clean your Line Hoses, Jumper Cables and other Rubber Products with Rubber Goods Cleaner

Working in the electricity supply industry gives an appreciation for how important personal safety equipment can be. Looking after this safety equipment and ensuring it is clean and working as it should is ingrained in all live lie workers. Dirt, grease more