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TEN's Guide to Cable Preparation

What tool do I use to strip and prepare a cables Outer Sheaths, Insulation & Semi-Con

  • Utilise the guide to assist when selecting the appropriate cable preparation tool
  • Precision strippers for Outer Sheaths, Insulation & Semi-Con
  • Specialised Stripping Tools for Sector and CCT
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Hand Ratchet Cutters for ACSR, Steel, Copper & Aluminium

Breaking Blades cutting ACSR conductor, this will be a thing of the past with the RC-32ACSR ACSR ratchet cutters

  • Cleanly cuts 20mm OD ACSR, 3/12 Steel, 32mm OD Aluminium & copper conductors
  • Jaw keeper prevents the jaws from spreading while under heavy load
  • Supplied with Protective carry case
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HDE Lookout Voltage Detector

6 pack kit

The HDE “LOOKOUT” minimises the risk of inadvertent powerline contact of EWP’s, tippers and construction & excavation equipment

  • Visual and audible warning indicates the location of energized fields in a green-yellow-red sequence
  • Warns of high voltage electric fields using WAVI technology (Work Area Voltage Indication)
  • Remotely control detectors through the LOOKOUT mobile APP
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Klauke Battery powered hydraulic 25mm cutting tool

Cut ACSR/STEEL/ALUMINIUM/COPPER with this versatile tool. German quality with the versatility of a Makita battery

  • Beat RSI with a balanced centre of gravity and one button control for all functions
  • Rotatable, closed flip top style head
  • Bluetooth capable, allowing tool data to be read on your mobile device
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Klauke 25mm Battery Cutter -

Safe Operation video

Breaking cutting blades and damaging the latch head? Watch this short video with "DO's" & DON'T's" of the set-up and cutting operation.

  • Proper latching of the head
  • Position of head latch and blade for optimum cutting and reduce tool damage and down-time 
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