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The PowerPatch® - Leak Repair Kit

The PowerPatch® Sealant kit contains the surface preparation and patching materials necessary to repair leaks in oil filled transformers, SF6 Gas, sealing lead-sheathed cables, potheads and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

  • Quick plugging action - A fast-cure putty that stops the oil
  • Permanent seal - A 2-part paste overcoat forms a permanent seal
  • Durable - Finished seal is impervious to water, oil and weather
  • Fast - System can plug and seal active leaks in minutes
  • Saves money - Faster than welding. Transformer may stay in service
  • Convenient - Kit contains all materials needed to fix leak while in the field
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Battery Operated

Ratchet Style Cutters

Battery Operated Ratchet Cutters, designed for cutting a variety of OH Conductors & UG cables, including CU, AL & ACSR.

  • Ergonomically designed
  • One handed operation
  • Makita 18V 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery & 230VAC Rapid Charger
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Earthing "C" Connector

crimping dies

TEN has a range of locally manufactured high quality 12T dies ideal for "C" type earthing connectors.

  • Dies suit most common "C" Connector in the Australian market
  • Dies utilized to join copper earth wire and earth rods in a number of combinations
  • Manufactured in Australia
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Hand Hydraulic Punch Driver & Punch/Die Kit - TEN

The SB-10B is a metal hole punch kit for punching aluminium, mild & stainless steel. Consisting of a Hand Pump and Remote Punching Head, attached by a flexible HP Hose. 

Supplied in a steel carry case with punch/die, studs and spacer storage compartments. 16mm to 50mmn ISO punch and die set including draw studs and spacers, housed in a plastic storage case.

  • Flexible hose allows access into tight, confined areas, such as electrical switchboards
  • Quick connect couplers allow for fast & easy tool assembly
  • Wide range of punch/dies sizes available
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TEN Events

Bi-Annual TENNET  Sales Conference June 2022

A Planning is an integral part of the success of a business. TEN hosted a three day TENNET Sales Conference at Head Office in Banyo QLD.

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TECH Corner

Powerpatch® Transformer Gasket Repair

Cost-Effective Maintenance using Innovative Solutions.

A look at a cost saving solution for expensive transformer gasket replacement.

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